1763, In Congress of Kittyum, colony of Britan will like to have independence from the country known as Britan.

General Wiki RulesEdit


Small trolling is okay.  Things like "LEL I GOT ADMIN U DON'T LEL" or "LALALA I HATE YOUR FAVE THING :3" is not okay.  Doing that may get you a warning, but if continued, a 1 day block.  If it hurts a user's feelings, a 3 day block.


Bullying is NOT allowed.  Stuff like "YOU SUCK YOU STUPID KID.  I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU.  JUST SHUT UP." will be an instant 7 day ban.  If it really hurts a user's feeling, 10 days.  If there is a continuation it may earn an infinite ban.


Please don't sockpuppet.  Sockpuppeting is extra accounts.  Sockpuppeting will get you and your sockpuppets an instant 1 year ban.  If you already used up your renaming slot to rename then it is fine, as long as the other account is allowed to be blocked.


Please don't make edits to pages that make no sense.  If you want to edit a page, make contributions that actually make sense.  Grammar edits are okay.  Please don't change things that are on pages unless you know for sure it's true.  Doing this can get 2 weeks worth of banning per each useless edit.

Adding bad pictures or editsEdit

Adding bad pictures or edits will be an instant year ban for each picture uploaded.


Cussing is not allowed AT ALL.  Cuss words will get you a 1 day ban per cuss word.  Censor cussing will get a warning and if alot of censor cussing an hour block.  Words like "Jerk" and that other word that means poop is allowed.


Spamming isn't allowed.   If you dare spam, you get a neat 14 day ban c:


Only come if you are invited. If you are not invited, and you come this will result in a permanent ban, because we might think you are a spy from the Fluffy Hood.

Chat RulesEdit


Censored cussing is allowed as long as it's not overused.  Overused censor cussing will get a 1 hour chat ban.  Regular cussing isn't tolerated even a little bit.  Regular cussing will earn you a neat 1 day ban.


Bullying is not allowed.  Bullying a user on chat will earn you a 1 day chat ban, or, if bad/hurts the user's feelings, a week chat ban.


Sockpuppeting is allowed if used for chat roleplays.  Such as instead of:

User1: Monkey: I LIKE MONKEYZ

it would instead be


However, using sockpuppets to bypass a chat ban will get you and your sockpuppet a permament chat ban.


Spamming isn't tolerated, but it's a little less bad here.  If you spam 3 times, you get a 3 day chat ban, or if you somehow manage to sneak 6 times, a 3 day REGULAR ban.

Roleplaying RulesEdit


Cussing isn't allowed, and will get a 3 day chat ban.  Censor cussing is allowed as long it is not used heavilly and against others.


Sockpuppeting will NOT be tolerated.  If a sockpuppet is found, it will get an infinite ban while you get a month ban.


Don't bully.  Bullying will get a 3 day ban and the person you bullied may take their part if they wish.


Bragging to a different user because you got the part before them isn't tolerated.  1-3 day ban depending how bad it is.  The person who you bragged to may get your part if they wish.

Almost Anything GoesEdit


Cussing is allowed as long as it is not used heavilly.


Bullying is not allowed at all.

Mod/Admin/Chatmod/Bcrat RulesEdit


Blocking users for no reason is NOT tolerated, and WILL get both your rights removed and a month block.  Please do not abuse these rights!

Breaking a RuleEdit

If you break ANY of these rules, you will get your rights taken away and a 1 day block.

Bcrats Randomly Giving Rights to UsersEdit

Bcrats, please do not give rights to users just because.  This will get your rights taken and a 28 day block. 

10 Rule Break RuleEdit

If you break 10 rules, you will NOT be allowed to become a mod or admin or chatmod or anything.  I recommend to not do this, please...

Helping OthersEdit

If you don't ask others if they need help... well RIP your rights.